Just Sittin in the Road

This is my grandmother. I find this photograph interesting because, never once, in all the time that I spent with her, did she ever get dressed up, drag a kitchen chair into the middle of the road, and stare into the distance while holding a book.

I guess it was possible to hear a mule-drawn cart coming from a considerable ways away, so… yeah…

But still… you know?

Here’s another photograph of her in which she is not sitting in a kitchen chair, in the middle of the road, staring into the distance while holding a book. And, if you look at it just right, the healthy shrubbery behind her makes it appear as if she’s hauling some sort of fabulous overskirt or thorny bustle.


  1. Laraine Stewart

    The first one has always stunned me. In life she was a soft spoken lady who never had any harm to say against anyone. In the picture she appears to be a very stern person who is very judgmental. The second one shows me how strong her gene pool was because most of her children looks so much like her. Especially my sister Thelma.

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    1. Amy Burns

      Heh, eh… I don’t know if she looks stern to me. I think she’s just totally feeling it, you know? Mother said that she was always very proud of that picture. I think she was just in the zone.


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