Don’t Fear the Tomato

So, apparently, in the late 1700s many Europeans feared the tomato.

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, tomatoes were blamed for the deaths of a lot of fancy-pants folks who perished after eating them. But turns out they died, not because they were eating tomatoes, but because they were eating them from fancy-pants pewter plates which contained lead. Tomato acidity + high lead content = yeah…

Seems the tomato was also classed as a deadly nightshade for a whole host of other reasons. There is a book on the topic. There are probably several books on the topic. But I’m just not that into tomato-lore and my attention span is, anyway… yeah, I’m bored with that now.

I just wanted to share my brief and hopefully fruitful journey with tomatoes this year. I started them from slices and now, the healthy-monsterish plants have flowers of their own which I think, in tomato-producing-terms, means we’re on our way to harvest.

I’m probably going to get very rich doing this and perhaps even become a tomato mogul. I should take a nap in preparation.

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